"The paintings I create are visual memoirs of mending that are intended to inspire beauty, healing, and hope." Shannon Plourde, Painter and Owner of Royal Print Box

Shannon Plourde is an American expressionist painter whose ethereal painting style features broad washes of pigments, charcoal line work, and threadlike drips of paint that she refers to as “fluid threads.” Having spent a few months plein air painting in the South of France, as a distinguished guest of the Savannah College of Art and Design ( SCAD ) in the medieval village of Lacoste, Shannon found her life's calling to translate the story of mending into beauty-filled landscapes, botanicals, and abstracts. Connecting the agricultural patchwork of Provence during the harvest of lavender fields and vineyards, she realized there is a deep connection to the way in which a person's soul desires a mending season of its own and can occur during life's Winters. Shannon believes that beauty and hope act as pathways to that healing and through her artwork, she may help others within their own story of mending. Caring for culture in ways only art can and reaching depths of understanding through a process of healing is Shannon's mission as an artist and painter. 

In over 20 years, Shannon, a graduate of SCAD, has been working with collectors, interior designers, and architects to sell her original paintings both nationally and internationally. In 2014, Shannon desired to make her work more accessible to share the message in her work and create an affordable means to acquire her work. That purpose translated into her forming a fine art reproduction label, Royal Print Box. And today, after 5 years, Shannon and her husband, Bruce, will be showcasing her work on canvas, wood, and metal, as well as Shannon's originals, in the curated SALON of the Suites at Market Square at High Point Market in the Fall of 2019. 

Fortunate to have been a part of many great design projects and showcase homes, Shannon's artwork can be seen in many print and online publications. 

Please email for all media inquires. 
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