About The Artist


In over 20 years of painting, Shannon Plourde has been working with collectors, interior designers, and architects to sell her work both nationally and internationally. A graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia, Shannon has training in painting, textiles, and fashion, and uses this knowledge in her expressionistic paintings. Taught by former students of painters Alex Katz and Neil Welliver, she also was the assistant to costume designer Donna Zakowska, where she worked on the film Forces of Nature with Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck. Shannon’s unique range of artistic endeavors is woven together by her love of color, nature, and beauty. 

Shannon’s ethereal painting style features fluid washes of pigments and threadlike drips of paint that she refers to as her “fluid threads.” She discovered this approach to painting after spending a season in the South of France as a distinguished guest by SCAD in 2007. Shannon became fascinated with the theme of mending derived from views of the agricultural landscape in the Luberon Valley of Provence. Her work is rooted in the exposure of patchwork vistas from medieval mountain top villages, the weaving of sky and earth as fog lifted over the valley, and the salvaging of seasons that connects us all to the need for healing and restoration. Through the years, she has maintained the vision that her life's work should speak to a persons’ soul.

“The paintings I create are visual memoirs of mending that are intended to inspire beauty and hope.”  ~ Shannon Plourde 

Never limiting the subject matter, Shannon explores and expresses this theme of mending within a broad range of subjects including botanicals, abstracts, and landscapes. The appeal of her paintings has resulted in acquisitions of her work in public and private collections around the world.